REGIT Exclusive Governor

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Natural Gas

Example of Gas Supply System and ITO Products


REGIT was jointly developed with Japanese Gas Companies for a broad range of usages. It is classed as an ‘Exclusive Governor’

What is an Exclusive Governor?

The exclusive governor is a gas pressure reducing governor which is made exclusively for high consumption usage and installed locally to the end use for more highly efficient gas usage; be they industrial premises, housing developments, hotels and restaurants etc.,

What was the purpose if the development of the REGIT range?

With greater demands for stable gas supplies and of course more stringent requirements for safety. Requests for  smooth management, high-level safety functions, high responsiveness to cope with the usage requirements of a variety of equipment. The REGIT range was therefore designed and developed to meet these challenges. The additional target of reducing costs was also met within this development.

What are the main features of the REGIT?

  • Significant Cost Reduction – over historically employed equipment
  • Outstanding Quick Response & Flat Flow Rate Characteristics
  • Stable Delivery Pressure – provided by the ITO Active Venturi (AVS) which means that pressure can be maintained without influence from either primary or secondary side fluctuations.
  • Multiple Safety DevicesSafety Countermeasures
  • Easy Maintenance – Can be carried out by Gas Company Engineers.
    • The main body is equipped with a gas outlet point and inlet point for temporary supply to enable maintenance whilst the temporary supply is operating.