BYNIK – 50

BYNIK 50 – The most advanced directly operated spring loaded governor you will ever have seen!

The BYNIK-50 governor is a high performance governor that incorporates a built-in relief and Auto-Reset OPSO Valve for downstream overpressure protection for commercial and light industrial users. This governor provides very stable pressures with high capacity and excellent shock characteristics maximizing numerous ITO innovation technologies such as a flexible air in-take stabilizer, a balancing diaphragm, and re-sizable vent and internal pilot tubes.

Presentation of BYNIK Features

Presentation of Features

Easy Selection

The ITO innovations minimize any outlet pressure fluctuation despite varying inlet pressures. This allows the BYNIK-50 more accurate and stable pressure control for use in multiple inlet pressure tiers.

It makes your governor selection easier.

Fast Response

ITO offers a direct-operated governor further quick- response and shock characteristics. It is the most highly recommended governor for gas burning appliance installations.

Re-balanceable on-site

Do you have to open your governor to change the nozzle orifice and vent size for best shock characteristics and flow capacities when the delivered pressure at the inlet is changed?

ITO innovations enable an on-site re-balancing in the easiest way possible for your loading situations.

In & Outdoor Installations

The vent is not externally mounted on the cover and can breathe through a space between the back cap and the cover avoiding rainwater ingress , so it can be installed outside without dedicated accessories. You can say goodbye to additional vent assemblies for water protection.

Standard Specificiation

BYNIK Technical SpecificationΒ  (please note: Flange adaptors will be available)

Capacity Performance Curve