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GTC London 2013

The WLPGA held their annual Global Technical Committee meeting in London on 1st October 2013. Ito Group were one of the 10 companies chosen from  many applicants to present their technical paper:
Eco-Friendly LPG Vaporization by Efficient Use of Atmospheric Heat РCo-authored by Motonori Shinagawa (Senior Manager, Engineering Dept, Ito Group Japan) and Neil Ormrod (Director ITO Europe Limited) This paper was awarded Runner-Up in the Innovation Award and the presentation made at the GTC in the WLPGA in Miami.



GTC2013 ITO Abstract and Full Technical Paper

GTC 2013 Power Point Presentation  

Initial costs of an air heating type vaporizer will appear as expensive in comparison with other types of vaporizers but please stop and think about the word COST.

  • Running costs – electrical or gas¬† hot water heating type vaporizers require high annual running costs,¬† as as an example in Japan we can see current running costs – Remember with the ecoRizer there are ZERO running costs. Please complete our Enquiry Form to find the estimated pay back time.
  • Environmental Cost – generation of electricity and gas is putting great strains on the Global Environment,¬† the World is looking to reduce CO2 emissions, again using Japan as an example¬† we can compare the emissions from various electricity generating methods with the emissions generated by the ecoRizer – ZERO!


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