SPOT THE BALL            Place a cross in the square containing the ball РNo prizes for guessing!!!

Whats This

What is this? Found in the road in a small village in Japan 




Twins 2 !!! (possibly not)

Bali – Out and About

Things To See , Eat and Drink In Brussels



Beer !!!!!!

JAPAN – A View

The Shiga Factory

 Japan РNara UNESCO World Heritage Site


Just outside of Osaka City is Nara the ancient capital of Japan with excellent examples of traditional architecture. Images of Buddha abound at Horyu-ji Temple, a World Cultural Heritage Site. 2,000 free roaming deer mix with tourists from all over the world to view temples to Buddhism and Shinto Shrines

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The Suntory company distill the World Famous Yamazaki Whisky in a village outside the ancient city of Kyoto.

Yamazaki 1Yamazaki 2Yamazaki 3Yamazaki 4Yamazaki 5Yamazaki 6Yamazaki 7Yamazaki 8Yamazaki 9

11th March 2011

Japan suffered a catastrophic 9.00 Magnitude Earthquake and 10 Metre Tsunami, wiping out whole communities, buildings and families. Rebuilding started straightway, not just to buildings but to lives and the resilience of the Japanese people must be applauded for their tenacity and resolve.


ITO Group’s systems were used to¬†restore¬†important¬†lifelines

ITO-Koki-Tank-SkidSelf contained tank skidITO-Koki-Tank-ControlITO-Koki-PA-SystemPA SystemsPA SystemTemporary AccomodationChangeover and meter systemHot WaterHot FoodLifeline RestoredCommunityCommunity