Earthquake Shut-Off Systems

The Earthquake Actuated Shut-Off System

Events such as massive earthquakes or terrorist attack can cause gas pipes and tanks to break and the leaking gas can cause fires and explosions. This system prevents secondary disasters due to gas leaks.














Earthquake Season

This system is activated by a spring and pressure of the supplied gas, and it does not depend on electrical energy at all. Thereforeโ€ฆ.

  • Easy Operation
  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reasonable Price

Catalogue – Earthquake Shut-Off Devices

Shut-Off with Transmitting Function

The system first detects when an earthquake is actually taking place. Then the sensor sends a pressure signal that shuts off the gas supply. The sensor consists of a steel ball and the heavy bob held up by a powerful magnet.








When an earthquake occurs, the gas supply is shut off when the steel ball and the heavy bob fall. As a result, a spindle pushes up to open the valve disc of the blow valve and release the filler gas







The combination of the simple elements with different operational characteristics provides the sensor with operational stability.

When an earthquake occurs the Gas supply is shut when both the steel ball element and the heavy bob element, which have different operating characteristics respectively, fall.

When only one of them falls the system does not shut down the gas supply. This is to prevent gas shut down from general daily vibration, such as heavy trucks, train movement or even just cylinder replacement

Earthquakeย ย ย ย  ย ย Daily-life Oscillation

(1.43๏ฝž3.3Hz)ย ย ย  (3.3๏ฝžseveral tens of Hzs)

Earthquake Detection protection recovery Oceania Summit Presentation

EQ Device Presentation

EQ Technical Specifications

LPG Applied Technology for Seismic Hazardย (Technical Paper Award Winner from WLPGA GTC)

History of Earthquake-Proof Automatic Shut Off Devices