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Liquidgas Europe e-Congress 2021

Liquidgas Europe Exhibition

This year the biggest European Exhibition is in Barcelona

27th – 28th Mayย  ย  Booth No. 28

WLPGA / Liquid Gas Europe Forum and Exhibition 2019

This year the joint forum / congress and exhibition will be held in Amsterdam. 24 – 26 September


Winter Olympics 2018

Korea ITO Co Limited the South Korean subsidiary of the ITO Corporation were delighted to be a partner in making the 2018 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in PyeongChang a success. The company was involved in many of the Gas Installations on site including providing the system to ensure the Olympic Flame did not go out:

ย  ย  ย 

The company also supplied a 4.9 Tonne System to the Phoenix Park Arena and a 200 kg Tank for the Alpensia Biathlon centre:

ย  ย  ย 

The Athletes Village, International Broadcast Centre and Media Centre depended upon 2.9 Tonne systems whilst the main Ice Hockey Centre was supplied by the ITO 4.9 Tonne system.

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The ITO Corporation originated in 1953 initially producing LPG regulators & then progressing to Natural Gas governors. ITO is one of the leading suppliers into the Japanese Gas Market supplying the largest gas companies such as Tokyo Gas & Osaka Gas.

We manufacture regulators, governors, tanks, vaporizers both electrical and the ecoRizer (ambient temperature unit) the PA System which generates SNG using just LPG and air. We are market leaders in Japan in Earthquake detection cut-off systems and one of the largest manufacturers of Automatic Changeovers with and without telemetry systems worldwide.

ITO have a global presence and have factories and subsidiaries in Korea, China, Vietnam and Europe. For more information please visit our web sites:

Parent Company:




Neil Ormrod.


ITO Europe Limited.

neil@ito-europe.comย ย  Twitter @neilormrodITO

WLPGA/AEGPL Florence – A Bridge To The Future

Around 2,100 visitors from 113 countries converged on the forum and exhibition. ITO were one of 120 exhibiting companies and we demonstrated many of our innovative products.

The earthquake actuated cut-off system was especially well received, which alongside the PA Mixer were developed specifically to asset before and after disasters. Of course the PA System has now many more uses.

We made many new friends and contacts as well as meeting many old ones and are looking forward to following up mon these contacts to provide the solutions to their LPG needs.

DSC_0001[1]ย DSC_0002[1]ย DSCN1061[1]ย DSC_0009[1]ย DSC_0015[1]ย DSCN1062[1]ย DSCN1074[1]ย DSCN1082[1]ย DSCN1068[1]ย DSC_0416ย DSC_0415ย DSC_0419ย DSC_0424


WLPGA Forum & Exhibition 2017



The Palais des Congrรจs of Marrakech

Booth 36/37

Nebimak – New Turkish Distributor Appointed

Nebimak Appointed

60th Anniversary


Ito Koki was formed in 1954, and so 2014 sees our 60th anniversary year. This began with our company assembly in Osaka at the end of November 2013. All members of the Ito Koki group came together to celebrate this milestone Anniversary.

It was also a special occasion for our President, Mr Niroh Utsumi who celebrated his 50th anniversary with the group. He was presented with a photo mosaic of all his colleagues โ€“ 50 years and works full days, everyday.

ย ย ย ย 

ย There were also many other long service awards for 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 years. Loyalty within Ito Koki is a two-way thing. There were also awards for innovative ideas, sales achievements and 100% attendance.

The Assembly was followed by a Banquet for all employees of the company.

ย ย 


New Name, new ideas โ€“ but the high quality remains the same!



AEGPL 2014

AEGPL Congress and Exhibition

Genoa Congress Centre, Magazzini del Cotone, Old Port


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