60th Anniversary

18 March 2014


Ito Koki was formed in 1954, and so 2014 sees our 60th anniversary year. This began with our company assembly in Osaka at the end of November 2013. All members of the Ito Koki group came together to celebrate this milestone Anniversary.

It was also a special occasion for our President, Mr Niroh Utsumi who celebrated his 50th anniversary with the group. He was presented with a photo mosaic of all his colleagues – 50 years and works full days, everyday.

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Β There were also many other long service awards for 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 years. Loyalty within Ito Koki is a two-way thing. There were also awards for innovative ideas, sales achievements and 100% attendance.

The Assembly was followed by a Banquet for all employees of the company.

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